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SITE GUIDE - La Pulent

La Pulent

La Pulent

The north west facing ridge is soarable. But the 180ft launch siteIndicates Launch Site on Photo! is a bit cluttered.

Wind needs to be round the 330° - 360° mark for launch and as this wind direction is suitable for flying at Bonne Nuit this wouldn't be my first choice of flying site.

The beach makes an excellent bottom landing area (popular with the Hang Glider Pilots) and there is an area set back from the ridge that is available for top landings.

Just north of the ridge is a parking area which has direct access to a dune grass area which is ideal for ground handling practice when the wind is light and westerly.

If the wind is suitable it is possible to soar the 15ft sea wall. This can be great fun on a paraglider. You can land on the beach, keep the canopy flying as you back up to the wall where the canopy re-enters the lift and you can fly back up to the top. This is a great learning exercise due to the small control inputs required and very small lift band, just be carefull not the let the gliders' lines contact the wall itself or you could be looking at a few broken strings!

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