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Jersey Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club

1. All flying MUST be limited to within the sites as detailed in my Site Guide.
(Official copies are available from the Manager of Air Traffic Services at Jersey Airport)

2. All pilots wishing to fly on Jersey should hold current membership with the BHPA or other professional organisation which provide third party insurance cover.

3. The Air Traffic Control Supervisor must be informed prior to, and, as soon as possible after any flying.
ATC Watch Manager/Supervisor:- Tel 446086

4. Pilots MUST not fly higher than 150ft above the launch site!
This last point may feel a bit harsh for most people to accept but all the flying sites lie within the class D airspace around Jersey Airport and I feel we are very lucky to have any sites at all.

Requests for additional flying sites may be forwarded to the Manager Air Traffic Services at Jersey Airport.

Other Points To Remember When Using Sites

Most of the launch sites are situated on public land and areas are not solely for use by Paragliders or Hang Gliders.

Keep Litter with you and remove from the site at the end of the days flying!

Most of the launch sites have some plantlife - be it bracken or brambles. Don't remove any! - Look for a better site! Please keep our Islands coastline looking as it is supposed to. ( I am not aware of specific rules regarding commonland but am pretty sure someone tearing it up would be looked on rather harshly.)

Keep to established footpaths wherever possible.
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