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My very first flights on Jersey were here. There is an adequate launch site(Dusty Ground) towards the southern edge of the ridge with car parking nearby. The 240ft take off is not bad but the rough steep cliff faces can throw up some slight turbulence now and again.

Wind really needs to be about 250° - 280° to be direct on to the cliff face.

The launch siteIndicates Launch Site on Photo! is within gliding distance of the only bottom landing area, a small carpark and gravel beach just west of the pinacle.

Top landing is available all the way round the site.

The Model Aero Club operate in this area so you might have to share the airspace at times.


The southern edge of the L'Etacq area is flyable with a wind around the 180° - 210° mark.

Thanks to a small furz fire a couple of years ago there is a small cleared launch siteIndicates Launch Site on Photo! available just north east of the pinacle.
The Hang Gliders tend to launch from an area further east along the ridge but I find this site to be a little tricky for a paraglider due to the small number of television arials dotted along the ridge.

Side landing is possible but with the wide open beach within gliding distance not really necessary.

The ridge is fairly shallow in places and does not produce a very wide lift band so no more than two gliders can be up at any one time.

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