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SITE GUIDE - Bonne Nuit / La Saline

Bonne Nuit / La Saline

Bonne Nuit / La Saline
My personal favorite!

Thanks to the kind permission of the landowner the club has use of a smooth grass launch siteIndicates Launch Site on Photo! towards the eastern side of the Bonne Nuit 'Bowl' (Bottom right in the picture above).

With take off at 450ft above mean sea level this is the highest launch site on the Island.
The smooth "bowl" shape of Bonne Nuit Bay itself produces a massive lift band that allows flight well out over the sea with winds between 330° and 030°.

If the wind just happens to drop off at the wrong moment the gentle slope makes side landing possible and there is usually some beach available if all else fails. The cliff path runs about a third of the was up the face and allows easy recovery from a side landing.

The site also has a real bonus. Land on the beach, pack up your glider and have lunch at the Cafe. There are usually plenty of people willing to talk to you about flying and most will offer a lift back up to the Launch Site.

On the right day (wind 350° - 010°), it is possible to cross the bay and soar the western side of the site past La Saline.
The cliffs are much steeper here and side or bottom landing is probably out of the question. There are a few areas available to top land and the cliff path runs along most of the ridge.

From my own experience, if it's possible to cross Bonne Nuit Bay to fly the La Saline side then you should have no problem staying aloft.

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